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Christa Westheimer

Managing Director

Christa is a junior studying Sport Management and Managerial Studies with minors in Business and Entrepreneurship, and a certificate in Civic Leadership. She is excited by the idea of using entrepreneurship for social impacts; she is currently exploring this idea through the acceleration of 4Words, an adult literacy student organization she founded. Christa is also the New Ventures Intern at Champions for Philanthropy and a Lilie Lead at the Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Charan Santhirasegaran

Co-Director of Operations

Charan is a junior studying Neuroscience and Electrical Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship. He is currently working with Wave Learning in addition to developing a design for a prosthetic technology venture. He is interested in robotics and neural interface startups, especially the variety of applications the technology could have. In his free time, Charan enjoys working out, pulling all-nighters on the Xbox, and eating. 

Rachel Wurmbrand

Co-Director of Operations

Rachel is a junior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. On campus, she does research as a part of the Tabor Lab where she is learning about synthetic biology. She is interested in innovation and the startup ecosystem. In her free time, Rachel enjoys playing tennis, watching Food Network, and learning about up and coming startups.

Ron Underwood

Director of Outreach

Ron is a sophomore studying computer science and cognitive science with minors in entrepreneurship and data science. He is currently an AWS University Scout and an intern at gifting platform startup Presently. Of particular interest to Ron is startup growth and leveraging technology to bring communities together. He spends his free time playing ultimate frisbee and following the NBA.

Luke Stancil

Director of Marketing

Luke is a sophomore studying Economics and Operations Research with a minor in entrepreneurship. Luke is currently working on two start-ups, Addy (https://Addybook.app) and ChckMate (https://myChckMate.com), which he worked on for OwlSpark Class 9. For the Utah trifecta, Luke loves snowboarding, start ups, and volleyball. He is a manager for the volleyball team at Rice.

Fall 2020 Cohort

Present Mentors and Speakers

Dmitri Rabnowitz

James Grinage

Connor Heggie

Fahad Punjwani

Daniel Lee

Jamie Jones

Jane Henry

Michael Sklar

Joanna Nathan

Smriti Zaneveld

Jacques Zaneveld

Claire Shorall

Gustavo Sanchez

Jessica Reitmeier

Erik Ibarra

Kyle Judah

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